If you are having problems with your television then Tellyfix can help you.

We deal with symptoms such as those listed below on a daily basis.

  • Taking Longer And Longer To Come On
  • Stuck In Standby (possibly with the light flashing)
  • Sound – No Picture/Picture – No Sound
  • Completely Dead
  • Lines On Screen
  • Just Clicking
  • Incorrect Colours
  • HDMI Ports or SCART Not Working
  • Insurance Reports For Accidental Damage
  • Engineers Reports For Warranty Claims
  • and more…

Once your television is on our bench, our engineers will diagnose any faults.

We will then contact you to let you know what was found and the total cost to repair it. We will not go ahead without your consent.

We can repair your LCD, OLED TV or Monitor at very reasonable rates and our repairs carry up to a 3 month warranty for parts and labour.

We do our best to get your TV repaired as soon as possible and keep you informed of any delays that may arise, such as back order for parts etc.

For more information simply click on the links in the menu or contact us if you require any further advice.

Unfortunately, we do not repair TV equipment at the customer’s premises due to the safety aspects involved and the diversity of parts required.

We simply cannot carry the vast variety of spares or stock everything required.

We prefer if you could contact us first with the MAKE & MODEL NUMBER of your television so we can consult our extensive database and possibly advise you regarding any repair before you bring it in to us.