Laptops are great – until they go faulty!!

Besides accidental damage, the most common problem we encounter is either the power socket comes loose and the laptop won’t charge anymore – The keyboard begins to fail, some keys don’t work or you have to press harder and harder to get them to register – and the screen develops a fault. No or intermittent back light, fuzzy graphics, unusual colours or banding of weird graphics….or just simply cracked.

Good News! – We can rectify all of these problems but try not to leave it too long though once a fault begins to develop.

The reasons are;  In the case of the power socket. If you keep trying to ‘wiggle’ the power plug assembly to get a good connection, what begins to happen is at the electrical contacts, they begin to arc and this can cause burning to the printed circuit board causing excessive wear and tear on the connections. This, coupled with the physical damage as you need to force the connections together harder to make contact, escalates, eventually causing possible irreparable damage to the board. Sometimes requiring a very expensive main-board replacement or in the worst cases – a new laptop!

With the keyboards, people become frustrated and press the keys harder and harder and sometimes this leads to hitting the keyboard and then breakage of components below the keys get damaged as well.

Similar problems with the screen arise. Bending and flexing the screen, eventually causing it to crack along with the casing.

Other faults we see a lot of is liquid spillage or pets peeing on them. If this happens – switch off power supplies immediately and remove the batteries! Don’t worry about losing what you have on the laptop at the time and try saving it. JUST SWITCH IT OFF! It could save you £££’s. Then get it to us as soon as possible.

If this happens at an inconvenient time, then, for standard liquid spills, wrap the laptop in a towel MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO BATTERIES CONNECTED! and place this in a warm dry area such as an airing cupboard etc. and then get it to us as soon as you can.

As well as all these faults, we can replace or upgrade other component parts of you laptop such as DVD Drives, Hard Drives and Memory. When the liquid spill is alcoholic or damage from a pet, then the laptop needs to be wrapped in a towel and left in a cool place. This type of damage is very corrosive to the printed circuit boards and components and heat can accelerate this process. Again, get it to us ASAP as we will need to strip it and ‘wash & clean’ everything with special cleaning products.

Removal of viruses and Trojans from your laptop, data recovery and software services are also offered by Tellyfix.

Whatever the problem is or just for a bit of friendly advice, contact us in any of the usual ways.

We look forward to hearing from you….